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coinsmarket com

coinsmarket com

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MatrixCoin How to Buy From Cabinet Matrix Coin

: Coinsmarket com

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  1. NIL KAMAL KUMAR - Reply

    did you trade it yourself because I've lost so much money trying to trade on my own after watching so many videos online.

  2. Khirod M - Reply

     @The White Leopard  I don’t hate him bc I don’t know the man at all. I just don’t like the way he treats people. When he announced his membership fee to his subscribers and many of them expressed to him that they simply could not afford it. He lashed out at a couple of them. First of all his subscribers are the ones who is making him the rich. He shouldn’t charge anyone for anything. He is a shiller and he uses his audience to make himself and the project teams lots of money. Without his followers he is really bad and has very little knowledge of crypto. I think I would be happy if everyone makes $, but jrny IMO is a very greedy person. Well, that’s all I have and I am not hater. Anyone can learn this game and do very changing for sure! Good luck to everyone and keep on learning.

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